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Software Test Case Engineering
글쓴이 : DevS 날짜 : 12-06-26 21:29 조회 : 3844 추천 : 0
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Software Test Case Engineering
By Ajay Bhagwat
Oct 22, 2009

Treating Test Cases as a Product (or An Approach for Finding Defects that have Low Albedo Value)

Summary: Software testing has become a self-governing and an important profession over time. As the software development process becomes a complex activity day by day, the demand to continuously evolve the software testing practices and keeping them aligned to the needs of software engineering is becoming important as well.

About the Author
Ajay Bhagwat is presently engaged in test management consulting and designing and delivering world-class training programs (using a unique workshop model) in Software Testing at Cognisha, a company that he has co-founded.