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TMMi 고가 워크샵 (영국)
글쓴이 : Won님 날짜 : 11-05-06 10:41 조회 : 5466
한국에서는 아래 교육 보다 높은(?) 수준의 2일 교육 과정 비용이 20만원이 채 안되는데...1일 과정에 60~70만원이라... 한국 교육 과정의 6배 이상 가격이네요...^^;

Test Process Improvement using TMMi - 1 day Workshop
                        Dates:         Thursday     19th May 2011
                       Time:            9.30am – 5.00pm
17a Dorset Square, London, NW1 6QB
TMMi has become the de facto standard against which organisations can measure and improve Testing and Quality related processes and activities.  TMMi is helping organisations understand how they can move away from the traditional and costly Defect Detection approach to implement quantitative improvements through Defect Prevention techniques and processes.
Recent delegates have said: 
"The TMMi workshop bridged my understanding of the differences and benefits of TMMi v's CMMi. The afternoon activities gave me an appreciation of where an organisation would need to improve to gain a TMMi accreditation. It also highlighted the areas that are working well within my current organisation and started me thinking of further improvements and a prioritisation plan".  Samantha Kirby - Testing Consultant - Steria UK
"I found the subject matter to be interesting, well structured and your instructor (Brian Wells) to be extremely knowledgeable of the subject. Your premises have a nice feel for training also – the room was light and airy as was the anti-room where refreshments were served. I have no hesitation promoting this workshop nor more lengthy accredited training days to any of Smatra’s customers".  Peter Saul - Principle Consultant - Smatra
Click the Screen below to view our Introduction to TMMi Webinar!
Experimentus PC
Overview of the workshop:

It explains in detail what TMMi is, and why it is different from other models. To help understand the benefits of the TMMi model, the day will also include a quick assessment which will provide an indicative view of where within the 5 levels of TMMi, each delegate’s organisation, project or team is currently positioned.

Throughout the day we will relate our experiences from the delivery of numerous TMMi assessments and provide practical remedies and strategies to make an effective difference.

Finally there is a review of a recent TMMi survey undertaken by Experimentus to obtain a view of the trends in the software testing industry today.
The aim of this workshop is to provide background and to help the attendees understand how to deliver qualitative and quantitative process improvements using the TMMi model.
Suggested Attendees: Heads of Testing and Quality, Process Improvement Specialists, Enterprise Architects, Programme/Project Office, Test Managers
The cost per delegate for the workshop is £400 excluding VAT (credit cards accepted). The price includes all training material, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.