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SW테스팅뿐만 아니라 수요 높은 분야에서 최고가 되라
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2호_SW테스팅뿐만 아니라 수요높은 분야에서 최고가 되라(스튜어트_태플린).pdf (2.3M), Down : 19, 2009-12-03 15:11:21

testers insight vol.2

지난 해 11월 지식경제부 기술표준원 주최로
서울에서 ISO29119 SW테스팅 표준을 만들어가는 각국의 테스팅 표준전문가들이
ISO 국제 표준화 회의와 국제 SW테스팅 컨퍼런스인 “SSTC2008(Seoul Software testing conference)”에
참석하기 위해 한 자리에 모였다. 특히 SSTC2008 컨퍼런스에서는 국내외 테스팅 전문가들이 모여 각자의
테스팅 경험과 지식을 나누는 특별한 시간을 가졌다.
ISO/IEC29119 SW 테스팅 국제 표준의 워킹그룹 WG26의 위원장이며,
ISTQB국제자격증보드의 공동창시자이기도 한 스튜어트 레이드(Stuart Reid )와
같은 WG26에서 공동 편집자로 활동 태플린 머랜(Tafline Murrane)을 이 컨퍼런스에서 만나
그들이 말하는 테스팅 국제표준의 방향성과 세계SW테스팅 동향 등을 들어보았다.

* 인터뷰의 전문/번역본은 파일 첨부

인터뷰 짦막 후기:
SSTC2008 바쁜 행사장 속에서도  testers insight 잡지를 건네며 열심히 ti 소개를 하는 내 모습이 안쓰러웠는지(?)
스튜어트와 태플린은 인터뷰 요청에 흔쾌히 응해주었다. 사진찍을 때 어색하고 수줍어 했으나
인터뷰 질문에는 상당히 진지하고 열심히 답해주어 인상적이었다. 
스튜어트는 2009 애자일 테스팅 세미나를 위해 올해도 한국에 방문했는데,
본인의 인터뷰가 게재된 ti2호에 꽤 만족하는 모습이다. (다행^^)  

아래 내용은 맛보기로 태플린의 인터뷰 내용을 번역하기 전에 원문으로 정리한 내용이다.

What is your favorite thing about SW testing and what is your core interest in it?

The thing I like the most about software testing is that almost every day and every project is different. Working as a consultant, I am able to experience and learn something new on just about every project (something that is very beneficial for someone who gets bored easily!). I like the challenge that this brings – it dares you to achieve that which you at first might think is unachievable.

At present, my core interest in software testing is in black-box testing methods, particularly in improving their learnability, usability and comparability, with the aim of making them easier for novice testers to learn and industry practitioners to use (of course, the fact that this is the topic of my PhD thesis has nothing to do with my enthusiasm on this point J). In the bigger picture, the projects I enjoy the most involve test process improvement, so overall I would say this is my core interest in software testing. 

Korean testers seem exceptionally motivated and dedicated to their jobs and also to raising the profession of software testing. This was demonstrated by the number of Koreans that joined the meetings of the ISO/IEC software testing working group and by the number of people who attended SSTC'2008 (thank you to everyone who attended these events!).

The trend of SW testing in Australia and New Zealand lately. What sorts of subjects are on those conferences in there?

I think the essential skill of any tester is the ability to think for themselves. This includes being able to analyse a problem and then search for, find, trial and question potential solutions.
Other skills I feel support testers well are the ability to manage their time, communicate effectively and learn new approaches and techniques.

A word or advices to the readers of “testers insight”

Work hard but have fun !

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