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HP에서 만든 Agile지원 툴소개
글쓴이 : DevS 날짜 : 12-01-26 09:47 조회 : 105675
HP에서 만든 Agile지원 툴소개

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Mobile Testing Enterprise Apps: A Practical Guide

In today's extremely fragmented and dynamic mobile market, there is a need for a new testing approach designed to address the unique needs and challenges of the mobile environment. Choosing the right mobile testing solution is a key criterion for success as enterprises roll out their mobile business strategies. Learn practical "how to select" information that will assist your enterprise in choosing the right mobile testing solution. 


30-Day Free Trial of MicroFocus SilkTest®

SilkTest® — a cost-effective, powerful tool for automated function and regression testing that delivers advanced test automation capabilities. SilkTest creates powerful, robust, and fast test automation across a broad range of application technologies to identify quality problems early in development lifecycles.


출처 : Agile, ScrumBoard, TPMS, 리스크 분석툴 레이더