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BJ Rollison 튜토리얼(SSTC 2010)
  카테고리 Training
  교육장 정보 STA 구로 교육장
  접수일/접수종료일 2010-09-06 ~ 2010-10-17
  시행시작/종료일 2010-10-18 ~ 2010-10-19
  금액 550,000원
  적립포인트 11,000 Point
  담당자 튜토리얼 담당자
  결과 발표일 2010-09-06

SSTC`2010 튜토리얼
Introduction to More Effective Test Automation:
"Automated Test Design in C# for Beginning Programmers"
   마이크로소프트 Top 테스트 아키텍트가 보는 MS의 실무적 테스트 자동화 (C#이용)
  튜토리얼 요약:
  Automating repetitive tasks is one way testers can improve
efficiency. However, for testers who lack a programming
background the initial hurdle can be a bit intimidating.
To make matters worse, most courses on programming
languages focus on building windows applications; not
on how to use a programming language to develop
automated tests. There are several popular record and
playback tools and frameworks, but they are expensive,
rely on proprietary languages, and are often limited in
their capabilities. Popular scripting languages are useful for repeating a specific
set of steps, but often lack the ability to develop robust oracles or use object
oriented development principles. This is an introductory level workshop
targeted towards testers with no programming background and shows them
how easy it is to start writing simple automated GUI tests using the C#
programming language.

This workshop provides a foundation for testers who lack a programming
background or unfamiliar with automated testing using C# to test a Windows
application. In this hands-on workshop you will learn the basics of the C#
programming language and using C# to write automated tests with free tools
available on the Internet. You will learn how to launch a Windows application
under test (AUT), manipulate the AUT menus and controls, apply data,
verify and log results.

Advanced topics include marshalling Windows APIs for greater control of the AUT.
You will also learn basic strategies for automation and developing an
automation framework.
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