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Geoff Thomson 튜토리얼(SSTC 2010)
  카테고리 Training
  교육장 정보 STA 구로 교육장
  접수일/접수종료일 2010-09-06 ~ 2010-10-15
  시행시작/종료일 2010-10-18 ~ 2010-10-18
  금액 275,000원
  적립포인트 5,500 Point
  담당자 튜토리얼담당자
  결과 발표일 2010-09-06

SSTC`2010 튜토리얼
TMMi in Action - See it and Use it!
TMMi 저자가 이야기하는 TMMi 실무를 통한 테스팅 프로세스 진단 및 개선
  튜토리얼 커리큘럼:
  • Introductions
  • Why improve what we do?
  • Test process improvement
  • What is the TMMi Standard Reference Model?
  • The TMMi Foundation
  • How does TMMi support CMM(I)?
  • Where is the rest of the world?
  • Where are you?
  • Discussion forum
오늘의 요점:
  • Understand the background to why we need test process improvement
  • At a high level understand the TMMi model and its benefits
  • Provide an overview of the Experimentus TMMi survey
  • For you to go home with an indicative view of your own test maturity
  • Have fun...
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